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Eastbourne Holiday in May
Beachy Head Returning to the coach at Beachy Head. Fancy meeting you. Stepping out.
Having a breather It's a long way down. Touring Eastbourne on the top deck. Remains of Brighton Peir.
Visiting Alfriston Evening drinks at the hotel.
Top drawer people on the lower deck. Coffee at Bexhill. Is this the Hoki coki?? Relaxing in the sun.
Harewood House (22nd July)
The front North Face of Harewood House The Terrace The South Face and Terrace
The vista northwards from the House The Terrace Garden The Archery Border
Looking at the birds Penguins A young Owl
Storks Flamingos

Bournemouth, Salisbury and Stratford Holiday in September

Poole harbour What are they looking at?  > Rock formations at Lulworth Cove.
Lulworth Village Looking for ducks. Taking refreshment. Walkers
Lulworth Cove Photographers Resting. The card school.
Looking east inside Salisbury Cathedral. An interesting altar cloth. Choir and west end.
Salisbury Cathedral The cloister tree The spire from the cloister. The Clock Tower in Salisbury.
Swan sculpture at Stratford. Old shops in Stratford. William Shakespeare's birthplace. Sculpture of a Jester!

Christmas lunch



  An autumnal view of Castle Hill, from our longer stroll.  

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