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Early days
Memebrs from Yorkshire Branches, with the then chairman of the Regional Hospital Board, at a meeting in Harrogate in the early days of the Fellowship.      
Christmas lunch 1998
Laurie & Pat McGovan, Irene Galvin, Mr & Margorie Molgwski enjoying lunch with Gilbert Earnshaw.

Lewis Ralph, Norma North, Peggy Sedgewick,Josie Malkin and P Bower enjoying Christmas Lunch in 1998

Irene North, Mary Haigh, Shirley Whittle, Marion & Kennth Dyson enjoying lunch with Reg Williams.

A group of embers enjoying Christmas Lunch in 1998.
Iris Earnshaw enjoying lunch with Gerald & Margaret Woodhead, Elaine Brook and others.

Jean Kitchen, Jean Lockwood, Margaret Connolly, Mary Zamardan & Ann Plowman enjoy Christmas lunch in 1998.

Cynthia Haigh, George & Margaret Parton waiting for their lunch!

Beamish 1999
Members waiting for a tram at Beamish Open Air Museum in 1999.      
Oban 1999
Members crossing the Atlantic Bridge at Oban in 1999.

The Atlantic Bridge at Oban.

Members at the Atlantic Bridge, Oban 1999.

Llandudno 2000
A couple of members enjoying the sun in Llamdudno in 2000.

Ann Plowman, Marlene Tyas, Jean Yates, Christine Tompkin and Cynhtia Haigh watch the world go by in Llandudno 2000.

Ann Plowman, Marlene Tyas, Jean Yates, Christine Tompkin and Elaine Brook enjoy the view at Llandudno in 2000.

Blackpool Conference 2000
Eleanor Riley, in the coach, set to go to the Blackpool Conference with Margaret Parton, Cynthia Haigh, Jean Malik, Christine Tompkins, Norma North, Flo Garrick & Joan O'Callaghan.      
Morecambe & Lake District holiday 2002
Eric Morecambe statue on Morecamlbe promenade.

Heysham Church

View from Kirkstone Pass

Members at Kirkstone Pass in 2001.

Members at Kirkstone Pass in 2001.

The North York Moors Railway & Whitby 2002
"Aidensfield" station in "Heartbeat" on the North York Moors Railway in 2002.

Trains passing on the North York Moors Railway in 2002.

Locomotive 75029 on the North York Moors Railway 2002.

Whitby Abbey viewed through the Whale's Jawbone in Whitby in 2002.

The Captain Cook Memorial in Whitby, 2002.

The Endeavour in Whitby, 2002.


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