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Huddersfield Strollers

Their strolls are just a few miles long, each one is “pre-ambled” beforehand

by the leaders, and always ends in a pleasant bar or café for refreshment.

 All strolls will start off at 10.30 am.

Always contact the walk leader prior to joining the walk as changes sometimes occur.




Most walks end with a pub lunch


Note: All walks are partaken at your own risk. Clothing should be adequate to keep you warm and dry under all conditions, since even in summer the weather can quickly turn cold and wet, particularly on the exposed hills and moors.   Footwear should be strong and waterproof since some paths can be boggy, wet or muddy in places. Strollers taking part do so entirely at their own risk and are requested to keep behind the Leader unless otherwise requested.                 

 If anyone has a mobile phone, please bring it on the walk. 

If you are interested please e-mail





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